Wireless Network (Point to Point, Point to Multi Point, Mesh)

Wireless Network

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7Core Communications are specialists in the design, installation and implementation of Wireless Networks. A Wireless LAN or WLAN is a wireless local area network, utilizing radio waves to enable communication between devices. This gives users the ability to move around within a broad coverage area and still be connected to the network. Wireless is one of the most dynamic emerging technologies, and with the recent increase of bandwidth capability, wireless has become a viable solution, both in-premise and between buildings, replacing in some instances, both the horizontal and vertical backbone infrastructures.

7Core Communications have the latest survey and design tools to take care of all your wireless requirements, from initial RF survey, through to design and installation. Our implementation team will ensure your wireless network integrates seamlessly with your wired network, and is protected using the latest security protocols.

Wired Networks (Switches, Routers, Transceivers)

Wired Network.

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Through 7Core's Data Networking Solutions companies are able to expand their potentials and increase their business productivity. Solutions like VPN Tunneling, IP Routing, Core Switching, etc. break common business barriers by providing reliability, survivability, security, high speed quality of service, and remote connectivity.

These solutions offer companies alternative ways to run their IT infrastructure as they want it by providing functionality, reliability and interoperability that most customers expect and demand.

Networking Solutions offered through 7Core Communications deliver excellent performance while protecting the customer's investment. They are designed to be compatible with several IT standards so they can be implemented to existing networks hassle-free and with great confidence.