Vocality supports Radio Over IP (RoIP) allowing a number of push to talk radio handsets to be connected locally into an existing SIP based voice switching network, such as...

  • CISCO Call Manager or Juniper VoIP
  • Asterisk PBX
  • WAVE 5000 from Motorola (formerly WAVE from Twisted Pair)
  • Commercial SIP based VoIP PBXs
In this way, a push to talk network can interface with existing VoIP handsets, can connect calls onward to phones or mobile phones on the PSTN, to smartphones and to specialist PTT Android or iOS applications. Play the following video to show you some of the features of Vocality's RoIP Gateways.

RoIP Application Summary

Vocality's various radio-based solutions provide an answer to common radio interconnectivity and compatibility challenges.

  • Beyond Line-of-Sight (LOS)
    • Using IP
      • Satellite
      • Cellular
      • WiFi
      • Terrestrial
  • Communication Gateway
    • Connect Push-to-Talk Radios to
      • PCs
      • Smartphones
      • Tablets
      • VoIP
      • PSTN
  • LMR Interoperability (Land Mobile Radio)
    • Land Mobile Radio (LMR) over IP
    • Land Mobile Radio (LMR) RoIP conversion
    • Land Mobile Radio (LMR) VoIP conversion
  • Cross-banding interoperability
    • Connect different radios to each other within or beyond LOS
    • RoIP radio cross connect
  • Remote Control
    • Provide remote control of radios, for instance to change frequency


BASICS Radio Relay

Radio over IP RoIP gateway, connects push-to-talk radios into SIP based VoIP services, as well as extending services over terrestrial, satellite or wired IP for the remote delivery of radio services, including support for popular third party radio switching technologies. Vocality supports Radio Over IP (RoIP) in a multitude of ways, from simple point to point for extending radio networks over intermediate links e.g. satellite or Internet, to complex networks using a central media server such as WAVE 5000 from Motorola (formerly WAVE from Twisted Pair). Devices can be used as standalone media gateways converting audio radio signals to IP SIP, for connection into switches such as Asterix SIP switches.

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The unique combination of small size, low weight and reduced power (SWaP), is ideal for fast responders, field reporters and tactical operators. The unit is the perfect small platform combining VoIP, RoIP, POTS FXS voice, routing and data. BASICS Hybrid is possibly the smallest one-card mobile solution for getting just about everything over IP, including video, VoIP, RoIP, secure comms and serial controlled devices. BASIC Hybrid takes size reduction seriously with a palm-sized fully integrated router capable of essential tactical communications.

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The V200 is a voice and data multiplexer - a 3RU rack mount chassis supporting the wide range of option cards including multiple routers and digital voice for gateway sites. V200 is principally suited to hub based applications for PRO and BASICS networks, and being VOS based, the unit offers a full suite of network functionality such as routing, VoIP, BGP, RIP, OSPF, IPSEC, SSH, SNMP and QoS management.

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